ABOUT THE AUTHOR Hemalatha Gnanasekar works as a secretary in Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. She lives in Chennai with her husband, daughter and son. Reading is and has always been her passion and has slowly fueled her desire and zest for writing. Even as she Juggles and maintains the balance between home and work life, she still manages to write a few pages every day. Her books generally describe the contemporary life-style of people and the complications they get entangled with.

She also likes to write about women and the variegated challenges they face. Her published books include: Life Lessons from India-A Woman"s Memoir, Joys and Woes of Marriage in India, Surprises from India, No Turning Back, The Priceless Gift, The Heart of Gold and The Guilt Is Alive.
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E-mail: hemalatha1965@yahoo.co.in

Website: http://www.hemalathagnanasekar.com